Friday, July 9, 2010

Pyromaniacs: Evangelical Bunko Artists

Over at Team Pyro, Phil Johnson recalls his days at Moody Press. Moody had published an autobiographical tale of a young lady who lived in utter poverty on a Kickapoo Indian reservation. She would eventually leave the reservation, find Christ, live through many trials, and suffer persecution. It is a wonderful story of hope in the midst of tragedy and God's providential hand in the direst of circumstances. The book would eventually become a best seller.

Oh, one more thing, it was completely untrue. After Moody Press conducted an investigation and found the story to be a complete fabrication, they quickly dropped the book. Unfortunately, that did not stop another "Christian" publishing house from giving the book a second life. Does that mean that some of our "Christian" book publishers have lower standards than Oprah? Apparently so. Those of us who claim to be Christian should not be so careless with the truth. It is a warning to exercise discernment and not immediately embrace all things that claim to be Christian.

Anyhow, it's a fascinating read. Johnson goes on to detail other scandals that Christians have been willing to turn a blind eye to, and that to our peril.
Read at: Pyromaniacs: Evangelical Bunko Artists

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