Friday, July 9, 2010

Cinematic Stories of the Modern Day Christian Journey - Desiring God

Deidox (Dei for "God" and Dox for "documentaries") is a growing series of videos made to document what God is doing in and through the lives of ordinary believers. Each video is narrated by one person who shares about the calling God has put on them and how they are striving to live it out in obedience to Christ.

In the production team's own words, these short films are "true stories of how everyday people are being used by God in the world today. ... Put simply, Deidox are cinematic stories of the modern day Christian journey."

At the moment there are 6 episodes, each one approximately 5 minutes long, and all available for full preview on their website. (I've watched all 6 and thought each one was very well made, engaging, and wonderfully encouraging.) The stories include
  • Robert, a doctor who has sacrificed his well-paying ER position to care for those who can't afford it otherwise.
  • Deon, an L. A. police officer whose faith in God drives him to love one of the nation's toughest neighborhoods.
  • Dawn, a mother of three who has learned to appreciate parenting as a high calling and opportunity to glorify God.
  • Li Yang, a Chinese believer whose confidence in God's power strengthens him to share the love of Christ despite the danger.
  • Alyssa, a worship leader whose blindness has taught her to trust in God and anticipate seeing her Savior face to face.
  • Lindsay, a schoolteacher in the Bronx who strives to show her students the love and acceptance she has received from God.

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