Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Bible's not about you...

It has been said that we are all the stars in our own life story. Everyone else is just a supporting actor. Without realizing it, we also begin to regard God in this way; we treat God as a supporting actor in OUR life story. Then it is no surprise that we have carried that sentiment over into the Church, and our reading of Scripture has become me-centered rather than Christ-centered. We have turned the Bible into a moral guide for self-improvement or a charm for self-empowerment.

Perhaps we read Scripture for tips on how to have Our Best Life Now, rather than to understand who Christ is and what He has accomplished. Maybe we read Scripture in an effort to add to our salvation. But, if we truly understand who Christ is and what He has done, we would find rest in Him. We would find that He is altogether glorious and "the things of earth would grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace." We would find that we are transformed by seeking and beholding the face of Christ in Scripture.

In this short clip, Tim Keller explains what the true focus of Scripture is, and why it is more about Christ, and less about us.

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